Art Exhibition Project

CALL FOR ARTISTS – March 2022 

Requests for Art Submissions  


Bridging Access to Care (BAC) is seeking seven (7) artists to create four (4) total pieces of value-specific original artwork to promote some of the core values of trauma-informed care principles. A total of twenty-eight original art pieces will be indefinitely displayed at our behavioral health clinics. They will also be featured on BAC’s new Affirmation Card Collection, a free, tangible product for clients. BAC is opening this opportunity to professional, as well as amateur artists who live within NYC. The application deadline is March 18th, 2022. 


  • $1000 total for all four (4) pieces (paid by check)  

  • Pieces will be on display at BAC’s community block party event in June (TBD) and all event-related promotional materials, including social media posts, press releases, and BAC website 
  • Pieces will permanently be on display at our behavioral health clinics, including the one in Williamsburg 


As a trauma-informed care agency, BAC’s care approach is built upon core values such as trust, safety, community, empowerment, joy, hope, and self-care. By creating our very own collectible affirmation cards, BAC envisions distributing a tangible product that would help support our current and future clients in their journey to achieve wellness and learn about our essential services.  

This card set will feature 28 unique art pieces by 7 different artists who have been born and raised in NYC, and who identify with our core values and can captivate it within their art. Each art piece should answer, “what does this value mean to you (the artist) and how do you envision it?” The back of each card will have an affirmation written by members of our BAC clinical staff, along with a QR code to our website and our logo. The collectible cards will be offered to children and adult clients each time they come in for their next appointment with us. 


BAC’s mission is to provide coordinated health care and support services to help individuals, families, and communities build strength, resilience, achieve wellness, and live healthy, productive lives. Founded in 1986 as one of the first HIV/AIDS organizations, BAC has since expanded its HIV prevention and case management services to include therapy, support groups, supportive housing, substance use treatment, care management, harm reduction, and many other programs. Today, BAC continues serving under-served racial and ethnic minority communities through the trauma-informed care lens. Our head office is at 2261 Church Avenue in Flatbush. In addition, BAC operates two program sites (2201B Bedford Avenue in Flatbush and 260 Broadway in Williamsburg) and one mobile unit.  


  • All artists who apply must be native to the five (5) NYC boroughs or have been born and raised within the borough of Brooklyn specifically. 
  • All artists who apply must have a portfolio of at least 5-7 previous pieces 
  • All artists MUST be able to complete four (4) pieces onto a sketching paper or canvas size (minimum size 4×6 inches or maximum size 8×11 inches) by May 30th, 2022 


March 13th – The submission period opens 

March 18th – Submission period closes 

March 21st – Committee reviews submissions 

March 29th  – Seven (7) selected artists will be announced 

May 30th – Four (4) original art pieces due 

June 25 (TBD) – Block Party/Exhibition Event 


All interested parties must submit all of the following items via email to by March 18th, 2022, to qualify for submission.  

  1. Proposed Artwork Concept – All 4 potential pieces from each artist will align with four (4) of our seven (7) core values, with Trust and Safety being obligatory values to cover. Artists will choose two (2) other values in addition to Trust and Safety and select ONE out of their four (4) to write a proposal for. Please describe what you envision for the piece and how it connects to the core value it is capturing. Please also include what materials you will be using for the piece (sketch paper, canvas, pen/pencil, paint, markers, paper mache, charcoal, etc.) 


  • TRUST – required 
  • SAFETY – required 
  • JOY 
  • HOPE 

  1. Artist Statement – Describe your work and style, as well as why you want to be part of this project in 3-5 sentences  

  1. Portfolio – a collection of previous art pieces that can be accessed digitally via social media or website OR 4-5 email attachments containing high quality images of any previous pieces. 


BAC’s Submission Committee will review the submissions and select the seven (7) artists that will create original value-specific artwork. The submission period closes on March 18th, 2022.  The review process will begin on March 21st, 2022, after with selected artists being notified and announced on March 29th, 2022.  


  • Each original piece must be at least 3×4 inches or no larger than 8×11 inches on canvas or sketching/drawing paper 
  • All four pieces must be submitted to BAC’s Marketing contact, Lindsey Paul, by 6 PM on May 30th, 2022, either by snail mail or dropped off in-person 


BAC will be the official owner of all completed original artwork for this project and will have the right to utilize any pieces for our own branding channels (website, social media, annual report, email marketing, etc.) in addition to the card collections. All canvas or physical art pieces created through this project with BAC will be indefinitely displayed at our behavioral health program sites, including our Williamsburg location. NOTE: Artists will still be able to own and utilize the digital file of their scanned art pieces for their own personal branding and portfolios.  


BAC is curating a community block party event, most likely on June 25th (to be confirmed), outside of BAC Williamsburg site, which will be transformed into a full art exhibition displaying all the artists’ pieces in-person to the neighborhood. We will be opening the street to the public, as well as inviting tons of community members, political leaders, clients, donors, influencers, and other special guests to the exhibition, where we will introduce the artists and unveil the official card collection that people can start gathering.  Following the block party, the art pieces will be moved inside of the Williamsburg clinic, where they will be displayed throughout venue to be seen by members of the public who come to our location.

For more questions or additional information, please email