Behavioral Health

Start Your Healing Journey With BAC!

Bridging Access to Care’s Behavioral Health Services are designed to fulfill multiple needs at once for many of our clients. Our programs and staff can provide support to those living with mental illness, substance misuse or a chronic illness. Clients will have access to our mental health clinic, an outpatient substance use treatment clinic, and a counseling program specifically for men of color who have sex with men.


Bridge to Recovery

Bridge to Recovery is BAC’s primary program for clients living with a mental illness or those struggling with substance misuse due to their mental health. Located at our OMH-licensed outpatient mental health clinic at 260 Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, any client that walks through our doors can expect a trauma-informed approach, which includes comprehensive psychiatric and psychosocial evaluations, consistent individual and group therapy sessions, as well as assistance with any medication management.

All services are currently offered in English and Spanish and we do allow clients to make same-day appointments!

To schedule an appointment at our Mental Health Clinic, please call: or send an email to

First Step

First Step is our specialized program for those living with a substance misuse disorder. This program is part of our OASAS-licensed outpatient substance use treatment program and is funded by clients’ insurance. While many of those involved are mandated clients, we do encourage self-referrals to reach out about this program!

Clients can expect to receive quality, in-depth counseling from our trained care team that deliver a psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approach. Clients enter this program with a motivation to progress in their recovery and are determined to work towards an abstinent lifestyle. In addition to counseling, in both individual and group settings, clients will also participate in comprehensive engagement, assessments, educational workshops and drug tests (via LabCorp) to keep them on their healing path.


  • COMMUNITY – You’ll find plenty of others here that are experiencing similar issues and working on improving their lifestyles.
  • SOCIAL SERVICES – We always assure our clients that BAC is here to fulfill the “whole” human, so clients in this program may also be eligible for other BAC services including supportive housing, medication assistance and linkage to care if needed.
  • KNOWLEDGE – Learn about the risks of engaging in substance use and what specific substances can do to our bodies in both short-term and long-term instances. You will also learn about alternative choices that make for healthier options in times that lead to potential use.

To schedule an appointment at First Step, please call:

Step Together

This specialized program supports our YMSM (Young Men that have Sex with Men) as they navigate substance misuse recovery. Similarly to First Step, this program provides both individual and group counseling through our trauma-informed care system, as well as our harm reduction and prevention education practices to gay men and gay men of color. Clients will also have access to HIV and STI testing. While First Step is an insurance-funded program, Step Together is grant-funded, allowing access to those who do not have health insurance.

For more information, call 347-505-5271 or email

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

Our HCBS program serves individuals aged 21 and above who are eligible for Medicaid to achieve their life goals in their homes or within their community. Services include Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Community Psychiatric Service Treatment, Peer Empowerment, and Habilitation. For more information, call Collynda Hutson, Program Manager, at 347-505-5140 or email

Assertive Community Team (ACT) 

This specialized community-led care team is dedicated to serving individuals ages 18+ who have severe and persistent mental health diagnoses (including Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Chronic Major Depression and Schizophrenia) with trauma-informed care. This program allows for local clients to gain access to treatment, rehabilitation, peer support and essential wellness skills through the help of their community.

For more information on ACT, please call:or email