Brooklyn Housing Services

“I like working at BAC because the work the agency does truly impact lives.  I feel the work we do every day makes a difference in the lives of our clients and to the community. I know when I go home that I did something meaningful and important.”- Katrina Murray, Assistant Director

“I believe that basic human rights should include healthcare and housing.  I am proud of the work BAC does.  The team is incredible and it give me great joy to know that we help people connect with vital services each day.”  Eileen Sunshine, Chief Program Officer

Bridging Access to Care assists homeless and marginally-housed people living with HIV/AIDS and/or with histories of substance abuse through its scatter-site housing programs: the HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) Scatter-site Housing Program (NYNY III Category H) , the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Scatter-site Housing Programs (NYNY III Category F, Continuum of Care (Formerly Shelter Plus Care), and MRT; HRA NYNY 15 scatter-site housing. In addition, we are funded through Public Health Solutions to provide HIV+ persons with a Housing Placement Assistance.

Continuum of Care (COC), Formerly Shelter Plus Care)
The OASAS COC Scatter site program is designed to provide housing and supportive services on a long-term basis for homeless persons with disabilities, (those with chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs) who are living in places not intended for human habitation (e.g., streets) or in emergency shelters.

If you would like to check for a vacancy in this program please call: 347-505-5143.

PHS Housing Placement Assistance Program:  HIV+ & Need Housing? The Housing Placement Program Can Help!
Assists the HIV/AIDS population in identifying and securing, safe, affordable housing. The Placement Assistance Program assists clients by finding apartments and helping them negotiate leases, obtain security deposits, and set them up with appropriate furnishings and amenities needed for independent living.

To request HPA services or to make a referral, please call: 347-505-5134.  FREE Housing starter kit when you move in your new home.

 OASAS NYNY III Category F Scatter-Site Housing Program
The NYNY III Category F Housing Program, funded by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services through the NY/NY III Agreement, and provides 25 scatter-site apartments for persons who have completed substance abuse treatment and have been clean and sober for at least 90 days. OASAS NYNY III Category F provides 50 scatter-site apartments.  All referrals accepted from community providers.  Protentional clients must complete a 2010e application and be approved for NYNY III population F

 HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) NYNY III Category H Scatter-Site Housing Program:
This housing program, funded through the City of New York Human Resources Administration (HRA) through its HIV/AIDS services Administration (HASA) provides permanent supported housing. This contract provides for 50 single occupancy scatter-site apartments.

This program does not accept direct referrals. All referrals must come though NY NY III.  For applications and information on HIV+ housing, please contact at 347-505-5134

This program provides permanent supportive housing  in single occupancy scatter-site apartments for homeless persons with a serious mental illness and/or substance use disorder. This program does not accept direct referrals.  All referrals must come through the PACT System by completing the 2010e housing application.

NYNY 15 Program
The NYNY 15 Program is for Young Adult Families (YAF) scatter-site housing (ages 18-25 years) who are homeless or at risk of homelessness (ex. Aging out of foster care) with at least one child.

Health Homes MRT Scatter-Site Housing
Health Homes MRT Scatter-Site Housing provides rental subsidy and support services to homeless or unstably housed adults with two or more chronic conditions or one serious and persistent mental condition who are  high-need Medicaid beneficiaries.

Living Skills Groups are available for all of our housing clients.
In addition, BAC offers recreational activities and training in independent living skills that are open to any client receiving services from any of our housing programs. Some topics include:

  • Social Skills classes: designed to enhance students self awareness skills, social interactions, coping skills, conflict resolution, medication, and group interaction skills.
  • Employability classes: designed to assist students in learning job behavior, attitudes and skills needed to prepare for and secure employment.
  • Consumerism classes: designed to help students develop the knowledge needed to solve everyday problems.
  • Money Management: designed to assist students in developing skills to cope with common everyday money management issues.
 Questions? Please contact Katrina Murray Housing Manager 347-505-5143 or kmurray@bac-ny.org