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May 2018
Brooklyn News 12: New Program Focuses on Women’s Health:

FLATBUSH -A new program in Brooklyn called Upwise is focused solely on women’s health. Every month, Helen Boben meets at the program to figure out how women in the community can get the help they need. READ MORE

December 2015
Bridging Access To Care, Raymour & Flanigan Team Up On AIDS Awareness

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Black Women Wise Up to PrEP

Rosie Perez’s Presentation at BAC’s World AIDS Day Awards 2015

September 2017
Self-Defense Strategy: Black Women Wise Up to PrEP

More Black women wise up to PrEP as a way to protect themselves from HIV. READ MORE

November 2015
Black Enterprise
From Intern to CEO: Glenda Smith Talks What it Takes to Run a Successful Nonprofit

Like many people, Glenda Smith didn’t set out for a career in the nonprofit sector. But a chance meeting with a 3-year old girl laid the foundation for a career that would begin with an internship and evolve to her becoming the CEO of Bridging Access to Care (formerly known as the Brooklyn Task Force), a community-based organization dedicated to providing comprehensive social services such as HIV care and treatment, one of the deadliest diseases to hit the African American community. READ MORE

November 2015
POZ Magazine
Saving Our Homes, Saving Our Lives

The executive director of Bridging Access to Care on the importance of housing for people living with HIV/AIDS.READ MORE

November 2015
Silence The Stigma

What You Still Don’t Know About AIDS

World AIDS Day is quickly approaching. On December 1st people from all walks of life will come together to raise awareness about an illness that has plagued over 78 million souls since first being defined by the CDC in 1982. READ MORE