December 2022

On November 28, 2022, a new plan from Mayor Eric Adams gave outreach workers and first response teams the legal authority to remove mentally ill people from city streets and place them into hospitals.
The new Clinical Co-Response Teams include NYPD, FDNY, and staff from the Department of Health and Department of Mental Hygiene. The teams will legally be able to to remove a mentally ill person from the streets and place them in a hospital if their mental illness prevents them from meeting their own basic needs. While some, like the mayor, believe this is a solution, others disagree.

Our Chief Programming Officer, Eileen Sunshine, spoke on the new legislative plans with News12 Brooklyn and the impact it will have on community-based organizations, like Bridging Access to Care.


Click here to see Eileen’s appearance on News12 to discuss this new psychiatric care plan.

November 2022

On November 18, 2022, Bridging Access to Care (BAC) hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch its new mobile unit (MU).
Funded by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), this MU is equipped with two exam rooms, two bathrooms, and Wi-Fi capability. It will expand BAC’s ongoing efforts to provide behavioral health services to all parts of Brooklyn and New York City. Services include medication-assisted treatment, overdose prevention kits, mental health, HCV/HIV/STI screenings, and health information.

“As an organization that invests in community wellness, we are excited to bring life-saving overdose prevention and treatment to all boroughs,” said Nadine Akinyemi, Chief Executive Officer of Bridging Access to Care. “Thanks to the funding and support from the OASAS, this mobile unit will enable us to bring substance use treatment and mental health services to neighborhoods that lack established treatment facilities and suffer from high overdose rates, including Williamsburg, East New York, and Coney Island.”

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BAC Mobile Truck in Front of Wellness Fest

Click here to see the coverage of our ribbon-cutting on News12 Brooklyn!

October 2022

On October 21, Bridging Access to Care (BAC) hosted an art exhibition at Lips Cafe to unveil our new Trauma-Informed Care art collection that captivates our organization’s core values through the eyes and talents of local artists.

In 2022, BAC envisioned distributing a tangible product that would offer inspiration and support to our current and future clients on their journey to achieve wellness and learn about our essential services. This collection features 23 unique art pieces by 6 different artists who have been born and raised in NYC, and who identify with our core values while capturing them within their art. The values covered in their art include trust, safety, community, empowerment, joy, hope and self-care.

Each piece answers the artists’ question: “What does this value mean to you and how do you envision it?”


While the original pieces will live at our multiple site locations in Brooklyn, we have transformed them into a gratitude card collection as a journaling practice, while featuring a QR code to our website and our logo. The cards will be offered to children and adult clients when they visit our offices for their next appointment with us.

Check out the video to hear the full interview with our CEO.
Watch here.

July 2022

BAC is delighted to share that we are now designated by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) and Office of

Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) to provide Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment (CORE)

Services. These services include Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (CPST), Empowerment Services-Peer Supports, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR).

March 2022

Bridging Access to Care’s Chief Executive Officer, Nadine Akinyemi, participated in an interview regarding healthcare and the future of Medicaid with Circulo Health’s Alyssa Barker, as well as Christopher Ross Joseph, who is the Executive Director of Engagewell IPA.

During the discussion, Christopher first addresses the HIV transmission rates in New York City, as well as the difficulties individuals may have in finding the best healthcare depending on their insurance plans. 

Nadine, who is also the Board Chair of Engagewell IPA, then expands upon BAC’s main mission to provide trauma-informed care to underserved communities, but specifically details how our organization is creating more access to healthcare. She also dives into the importance of teaching healthy habits, risk factors, accessing the right kind of care and how we can all support the community.

MedicaidMatters Video

Both Chris and Nadine also address some of the primary issues that individuals face when it comes to financial matters and navigating the best treatment with Medicaid insurance plans. Chris explains the opportunities that will be available for foundations and other healthcare brands to get involved in Engagewell IPA’s 3-year Connected Care Pilot Program.

February 2022

Crime in NYC up 38.5% from last year, sparking conversations about mental health

Our Medical Director, Dr. Neil Berliner, and our Chief Program Officer, Eileen Sunshine, made an appearance on News 12 Bronx last week to discuss the recent uptick in New York City crime.

According to NYPD reports, the crime rate has increased by 38.5% compared to last year, which has sparked a larger conversation surrounding mental illness. While mental illness has been connected to crime in previous events, Dr. Berliner firmly believes that these acts are aftereffects of COVID-19 and the isolation of the pandemic.

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August 2021

Local Behavioral Health Centers Receive $22m In Hhs Grants To Fight Substance Abuse

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration last week awarded over $22 million in federal grants to New York community behavioral health centers to improvesubstance-use disorder and mental health treatments….The grants will help strengthen infrastructure for trauma-informed behavioral health services, said Nadine Akinyemi, Executive Director of Flatbush-based Bridging Access to Care, a recipient that got $4 million. The organization’s reach to children and adolescents can nowbe broadened, she added. Founded in 1986, it serves about 4,000 individuals each year.

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July 2021

Bridging Access to Care published “Implementing Trauma-Informed Care is a Journey, Not a Project” in leading behavioral health publication, Behavioral Health News. Co-authored by BAC’s Nadine Akinyemi and Esther Lok, the article appears in the current issue.

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July 2021

Bridging Access to Care Receives Grant to Support Expanded Mental Health and Substance UseTreatment Services

Federal grant money awarded to Bridging Access to Care, enabling them to adopt the innovative Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model

With this new funding, Bridging Access to Care now has the chance to expand services to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for mental health, substance use treatment, and other health care services in their communities.

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June 2021

Today, Bridging Access to Care (BAC) announces receiving a total of $150,000from The New York Community Trust, including $50,000 from The Trust’s CFDA-Vogue Initiative/New York City AIDS Fund, to increase trauma-informed carefor people with or at rsk of HIV/AIDS through building infrastructure and capacity.

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March 2021

Bridging Access To Care announces the partnership with Robin Hood Foundation and EngageWell IPA to address food insecurity in Brooklyn.

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December 2020

BAC won the “Runner Up for Best Overall Poster” at The Power of QI Conference, NYS AIDS Institute, December 8th, 2020.

December 2020

BAC is scheduled to conduct a workshop on trauma-informed care at the World AIDS Day Ending the Epidemic Summit.

September 2020 

Bridging Access to Care Inc. is excited to announce its new Brooklyn-based Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team. The BAC ACT Team is an interdisciplinary team that provides individualized Psychiatric, Medical, Vocational, Family, Substance Use, Peer, and Administrative counseling and support to clients ages 18 to 101.

Assertive Community Treatment Teams service those individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness who have histories of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, criminal justice involvement, generational poverty, and homelessness. ACT Teams provide an alternative to classic mental health engagement; Team members meet clients in their communities a minimum of twice weekly to practice trauma-informed strength based mental health care.

BAC ACT Team services can be accessed via professional or personal referral; referrals should be made via email to BAC ACT Project Director Patricia Valencia at

April 2020

Abstract Presentation– “Innovating Trauma Screening Assessment Diagnosis (ITSAD): Trauma Integration Module (TIM)”

National Council For Behavioral Health Annual Conference

April 5-7, 2020 | Austin, Texas

December 2019

StoryBoard Presentation – “Proving Value: Using Standardized Tools to Measure Outcomes and Improve Wellness” 

Institute of Health Improvement (IHI) National Forum Conference

December 8-11, 2019 | Orlando, Florida

November 2019

Plenary Presentation – “A Look at One HPA Program’s Retention Rate and Why Housing Was Lost” 

New York State AIDS Institute Power of QI Conference

October 2019

Presentation – “Providing Value in a VBS Environment – A Tier 3 CBO Approach to Wellness” 

CHCANYS Statewide Annual Conference & Clinical Forums
October 28 -30, 2019 | Tarrytown, NY

March 2019

Report on BAC’s Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Approaches

National Council For Behavioral Health – Learning Community Summit Meeting

May 2018
Brooklyn News 12: New Program Focuses on Women’s Health:

FLATBUSH -A new program in Brooklyn called Upwise is focused solely on women’s health. Every month, Helen Boben meets at the program to figure out how women in the community can get the help they need. READ MORE

December 2015
Bridging Access To Care, Raymour & Flanigan Team Up On AIDS Awareness

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