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Our Prevention Education department comprises of programs that align directly with our goals to promote and develop a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. While majority of our prevention focus is towards individuals living with HIV, MSM (Men Who Have Sex With Men) and and those who engage in high-risk activities, we also teach crucial tools and skills that can improve communication, regulating emotions and self-awareness to all. 
Our mission for prevention is to make sure our clients feel confident, safe and supported while navigating their sexual and mental wellness.


(Persons Living With HIV/AIDS)


  • TestingThe top priority of UPWISE is to provide safe and free HIV, Hep C and STI testing to women, in addition to couples of all genders. 
  • Linkage/Navigation Following testing, clients with a positive diagnosis will receive treatment and care options from our Linkage and Navigation Team.


  • WILLOW – Short for “Women Involved in Life Learning from Other Women,” this intervention group produces a safe, supportive space for women living with HIV
  • HIV Positive Support Groups – Learn and receive support from others who are also living with this diagnosis and how they lead healthy, fulfilling loves


  • HEALTH EDUCATIONOur Prevention team is equipped with tons of knowledge and curriculums to teach individuals how to leave healthy, protective and fulfilling lives. 
  • SOCIAL SUPPORT – BAC offers essential services for those living with HIV such as medication assistance, testing, PrEP and PEP,  counseling, HIV viral load suppression treatment, coping skills for substance use and communication skills to help develop healthy, fulfilling relationships.
  • WORKFORCE PREPARATION – For our clients who are seeking to re-enter the workforce, we offer training workshops and help with building resumes.
  • COMMUNITY – Through our trauma-informed care approach, clients have a healthy space to empower each other and learn valuable lessons and care tips from their peers.



  • Support Groups  – Come together to meet other healthy-minded peers who are working towards improving their lifestyles.
  • Drop-In Spaces – Our workshops and groups host frequent events that allow for members of the public to drop-in and attend our workshops. We also incorporate game nights, tutorials, educational workshops, discussions, panels and other activities into these spaces.


  • Many Men Many Voices (3MV) – This group format is specifically for Black men who identify as an MSM client that teaches prevention methods to stop the spread of HIV, as well as different options to use for risky behaviors.
  • Healthy Relationships – Teaching individuals and couples valuable skills to improve their relationships
  • ATV (Alternative to Violence) – BAC’s primary anger management workshop that helps teach coping skills and other helpful tactics to master self-control and emotional regulation


  • HEALTH EDUCATION – Men in this program can access medication assistance, linkages to HIV and STI testing, information about PrEP and PEP,  counseling, substance use coping, communication skills  and other tactics to develop healthy, fulfilling relationships.

  • A BRAVE SPACE – What do we mean by that? Unlike a safe space where many individuals feel they need to hide who they are to the rest of the world outside of the space, men who attend our MTK workshops are encouraged to fully embrace who they are and their lifestyle!

  • COMMUNITY – Many of our clients find that they leave our workshops with a feeling of solidarity and support. Through our trauma-informed care approach, our MSM clients will receive support from their peers and validation for their difficulties.



  • Life Skills – This 10-week workshop opens up a new world for children to develop higher self-esteem while also learning about other cultures and lifestyles.


  • Too Good for Drugs – This 10-week workshop is designed to lower a child’s chances of using substances in the future by mitigating their risk factors
  • Parenting Journey – This specialized program is tailored to support and encourage parents of all ages and genders in order to help them be the best parents they can be!
  • Making the Connection – Assisting and supporting parents in order to improve their connection with their child


  • EDUCATION – Youth will not only learn about the dangers of using substances and other riskier behaviors, but they will also learn how to avoid these influences.
  • SUPPORT – Youth will have a new, comfortable space that will surround themselves with their peers, as well as experts who can answer any questions or concerns they have.
  • CONFIDENCE – Youth will be able to connect to their peers in healthier ways and use more effective communication skills to improve relationships with their peers.

Outreach & Mobile Unit Services

BAC conducts outreach activities to actively engage individuals at high risk of HIV infection and intravenous drug use via the Mobile Unit and traditional settings. These outreach activities include health education/risk reduction presentation, HIV testing & counseling, syringe distribution and disposal, and program enrollment and referrals.

The Mobile Unit is stationed in several Brooklyn communities, including Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Flatbush, Bushwick, East New York, and Williamsburg, and provides a package of services:

  • STI Screenings
  • Mental Health and Substance Use screenings
  • HIV Testing & Counseling
  • Syringe Distribution & Disposal (ESAP)
  • Referral & Linkage to primary medical care and other services.

(Our Outreach and Mobile Unit also regularly attends health fairs and workshops!)

To schedule an appointment, call 347-505-5152 or 347-505-5151 for our next location and time
Mobile Van



UPWISE is our support platform for our clients who identify as female to learn how to protect themselves.. This program fulfills multiple needs for women who are currently immigrants, formerly homeless, formerly incarcerated or those who have low-income including supportive housing, medication assistance, linkage to care and mental health counseling. 

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Be Better Brooklyn’s mission is to create a healthier and safer future for the youth and future generations to come. This school-based/afterschool program primarily aims to prevent alcohol, tobacco, marijuana use, as well as violent behaviors, in children.

For more information on Be Better Brooklyn, call:


Men to Kings is our specially-tailored program that opens up a brave space for our MSM community (Men Who Have Sex With Men) to receive peer support, new coping skills and even more knowledge to improve their health. Participants can step through our doors with assurance that they are able to freely express themselves while making healthier decisions for their overall wellness..

For more information on Men to Kings, call: