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Harm Reduction & Coping Practices

Medication Assistance

Supportive Housing

Support Group

Helping clients with positive diagnoses to seek proper medications, treatments and peer support
Get assistance managing your symptoms and coping with your diagnosis
For clients who want to receive discounted medication by mail
Our housing program specifically for those living with a mental health condition or substance use disorder
A support group for women living with HIV

For Persons Living With Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health Clinic

Health Homes

Community-based services

Supportive Housing

Support Group

Our new OMH-licensed mental health clinic
Serving individuals' "wholeness" through housing, emergency food, transportation and medication assistance
Catering specifically to clients who are eligible for Medicaid to achieve their life and treatment goals
Housing specifically for those living with a severe mental illness, more than one chronic condition or serious substance use
A women's program initiates peer support, testing opportunities, and solidarity

For Persons Who Are Substance Users

Substance Use Treatment

Counseling for LGBTQ Community

Health Homes

Prevention Education Curriculum

Supportive Housing

Harm Reduction

Expanded Syringe Access

First Step partners with OASAS for this treatment program that offers peer support, education, individual and group counseling and other resources for substance users.
Step Together executes our trauma-informed care approach to provide harm reduction and preventative services to all gay men.
This multi-faceted program works to fulfill unmet needs of clients who are substance users. Eligible clients can find assistance with their medication, finding housing and emergency food, as well as transportation.
The adult curriculum of our BBB program aims to educate current substance users about risky behaviors and empower them to choose alternative, safer behaviors.
HASA's Scatter-site Housing program, OASAS' NYNY III, CoC and MRT programs, DOHMH's NYC 15/15 program and Health Homes MRT programs provide supportive housing to certain eligible clients living with serious substance use.
Our Harm Reduction Mental Services program implements the Seeking Safety curriculum. Clients will learn the best practices and coping skills to use to manage triggers from substance use, as well as PTSD.
BAC is a registered ESAP provider, supplying a safe kit and up to 10 sterile needles and syringes to individuals in communities that are high-risk for intravenous drug use.

For Persons Who Aspire for Healthier Lifestyles


Support Groups

Be Better Brooklyn

Safer Sex Practice

Anger Management

BAC offers multiple types of testing for our clients, as well as the community. We incorporate HIV & STI testing into many of our programs, as well as Hepatitis C, and offer many free testing events to the public throughout the year.
The Mahogany Lounge a support group that caters exclusively to our MSM (Men Who Have Sex With Men) client base.

Sister to Sister is our Women's Prevention group that focuses on developing skills, sharing health knowledge and immersing into our supportive community in order to stay protected against HIV.
The adult curriculum of our BBB program aims to educate current substance users about risky behaviors and empower them to choose alternative, safer behaviors.
This program's mission centers around reducing risky behaviors that can lead to STI diagnoses.
This supportive program provides clients with tools and practices to deal with high emotional circumstances.

For Those Who Want a Healthier Family


Parenting Journey

Supportive Housing

Help protect the next generation!

This program identifies and refers clients to timely, and appropriate resources including medications, treatments and peer support.
Building stronger family foundations

This specific, evidence-based curriculum teaches parents valuable self-care practices, generational insight, fostering confidence, essential resources and positive tactics that will help nurture them and their baby.
We're all entitled to it

Our NYC 15/15 Young Adult Families program provides supportive housing to young females between the ages of 18-26 who are pregnant, or considered the head of their household.