For Persons Living With HIV


BAC offers multiple programs for persons living with HIV, including services that help secure proper medical treatment, medication assistance and testing, as well as learning coping skills and harm reduction practices.


Our Linkage and Navigation program gives clients access to our care team that uses a peer approach to assist individuals who have received a positive HIV diagnosis or are high-risk with a negative diagnosis. 

Clients can expect to receive encouragement and solidarity as our team assists with timely and appropriate medical, prevention, and support services. BAC actively engages clients in a comprehensive assessment process to identify obstacles/unmet needs, develop an action and treatment plan, support positive changes, and achieve self-sufficiency while navigating systems of support.  

  • TestingBAC prioritizes offering free HIV and STI testing to all, including our clients and their partners

  • Person-Centered Treatment Plans – We work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and comfortability level.

  • Peer Support – Not only does our staff provide encouragement, but other clients will also bring a sense of a solidarity as you navigate your diagnosis


Are you HIV positive and looking to save money on treatment? The 340B Pharmacy program allows BAC to provide discounts on medications to eligible client, as well as the option to have their prescriptions delivered by mail.

  • Access a pharmacist 24/7
  • Receive delivery of medications to the location of choice
  • Customize medication needs
  • Communicate with the pharmacy to monitor medication use and verify delivery
Similar to our Step Together group, our Harm Reduction Mental Services program is designed for individuals living with HIV who have past or present substance use disorder issues.
  • Learn new coping skills to help manage symptom grief
  • Gain new knowledge about prevention and wellness habits
  • Discover other treatment options
  • Find solidarity with others who are also on the path to recovery

Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP)

As a registered ESAP provider, BAC provides delivery service of sterile needles and syringes and safe disposal of used needles and syringes on the mobile unit to communities at high-risk for intravenous drug use

Individuals aged 18 years or older can receive up to 10 sterile syringes, a safe kit (FITPACK), and ESAP safety inserts. It also provides outreach to pharmacies and the communities regarding safe sharps disposal.

ESAP Distribution & Sharps Collection Location: 

2261 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY

For more information: 

call 347-505-5124